Graphic Designer (Consultant),

March 2012 — June 2013

I was invited to create the visual identity for Gobike, which later became the public city bike of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.

What made Gobike very different from other bikes, was that the bicycles had electric motors as well as mounted tablets with the ability to show information such as train times, nearby attractions, and a map with turn-by-turn navigation.

Our collaboration with Kasper was the perfect choice for us. His work was spot-on and played an important role in our success.

Torben Aagaard, CEO & Co-Founder, Gobike

My brief was quickly expanded to also include their first website, various promotional material, and the initial UI concepts for the software running on the tablets.

Three months after I joined the team, Gobike won the tender to become the new bicycle system of Copenhagen. At the beginning of April 2014, the system opened for public use.