Kasper Nordkvist



They sell tickets

Founded in 2010, Billetto is one of the most visited online ticket providers in Europe, selling tickets for a diverse mix of both unknown and known organisers—Red Bull, Virgin, Adidas, just to name-drop a few.

For four years or so, three of them while living in the UK, I’ve worked on a variety of projects across all areas of the business. From online to print to native apps, the diversity of each project has constantly kept me questioning what the future of ticketing should be, not what it is today. The goal has always been to sell out, without selling out.

The more we grew, the more fragmented the brand became. We didn’t have a clear voice, and the visuals were lagging behind the massive development that the rest of Billetto had been undergoing. A complete reboot was needed.

Billeto’s new brand identity was designed to be almost provokingly generic, yet still feel welcoming and be instantly recognisable. I wanted to ensure adaptability and consistency whilst, at the same time, be able to promote the individuality of each event.

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Bike-sharing with a different touch

I was initially invited to design the logo and a handful of keynotes for Gobike, who was competing in the 2012 public tender to become the new city bike system in Copenhagen. What made Gobike different from competing solutions was that every single bike was equipped with an electric motor and an always-online tablet.

My brief quickly expanded to include a full visual identity, simple website, and the interface for the mounted tablets.

Three month after joining the team, it was announced that Gobike had won the tender to become the new provider of city bikes. Following the great news was a fast-paced design process, in close collaboration with Copenhagen and Frederiksberg council, who brought a lot of new ideas and insights to the table.

After a short trial period the system opened for public use at the beginning of April 2014.

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Our collaboration with Kasper was the perfect choice for us. His work was spot-on and played an important role in our success.
Torben Aagaard CEO & Co-founder, Gobike

Red Star Group

Illum and friends

This is the job that started my career in design. With no formal education, I really didn’t know what it meant to be a designer. What the team expected from me, what I could expect from the team. There were suddenly things like deadlines, client meetings, and criticism. The Photoshop tutorials I’d watched on YouTube never mentioned anything about that.

Slowly I became more comfortable, and also, a lot more humble. The projects I was assigned shifted from mostly in-house to various landing pages for companies like VisitDenmark, Unwire, and DSB.

One of the last projects I got to work on was with ILLUM. They’d recently had their website redesigned by another agency, and now they wanted it to fit on smaller screens. I designed and helped with the front-end implementation of dedicated pages optimised for smartphones which offered everything from the desktop version, including a store locator, editorial content, and brand look-books.